Ken Hom WOK CLASSIC CARBON, Rund, Wokpanna, Rostfritt stål, Kolstål, Keramiska, gas, halogen, Induktion, Trä
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This Ken Hom Classic 32cm Carbon Steel Wok develops its own non-stick surface from the build up of carbon deposits on the frying surface.

Suitable for use on all hobs apart from induction, preferably use on a gas stove or wok burner.

Made from 1.4mm gauge carbon steel, this wok can be hand washed. No need to use a detergent as this will remove the natural seasoning.

The wok will darken with use, which is a natural process of a well-seasoned wok.
It protects the surface from rust and naturally prevents food from sticking without adding too much oil.

Offers excellent heat retention properties and ideal for high temperature cooking.