Multibrackets M Motorized Swing Mount Large - Monteringssats (svängbar arm) - för LCD-TV - svart - skärmstorlek: 37"-55" - väggmonterbar
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Our Motorized Swing-out flat screen mount offer the ultimate in adjustment flexibility. It allows you to mount your display where you need to, on a sturdy wall stud, while allowing you to turn and adjust your flat screen or monitor so that you can view it in most any part of the room. Articulating swing-out our Motorized Swing Arm Large is designed for wall attachment. With a wide range of VESA and screen sizes most displays are appropriate sized to give good functiomn together with the Motorized Swing Arm Large.

Original design – from Sweden
Get our original design and not a copy. The original M Motorized Swing Mount Large is a swing mount type motorized arm and makes your wall mounted TV swing around a corner 90 degrees either left or right. This allows you to watch your TV from almost anywhere, whether it is living room or kitchen or elsewhere.
The Universal design and wide VESA compatibility lets the M Motorized Swing Mount Large fit nearly all TVs, requires no additional peripherals to be installed (all included) and it is both fast and easy to install. When mounted it is easy to operate with your own TV remote or the included minimalistic designed one.

Multiple viewingpositions - Fully automatic operation
The M Motorized Swing Mount Large easily optimizes your TV visibility and as the TV can be mounted so that either left or right swing is possible, you do not need to doublecheck which way your TV is going to swing out before a purchase. M Motorized Swing Mount Large was designed so it can greatly increase the use of your space at home or in your office. Furthermore the possibility to preset a preferred angle allows you to stop juggling with your remote control over and over again, getting your TV into the right position. Furthermore the possibility to a preset preferred position gets rid of your juggling with your remote control over and over again, getting your TV into the right position.

A must have for any home, any size
This is a must have item for anyone who want great looks in their livingroom or just re-use their display in more viewingpositions than one. Instead of getting more TV´s make it posible to angle it to your second viewing position !
If you have chosen to invest a significant value in a TV, why not use it in more multiple situations. With the open landscape deisgn of many homes and offices of today the M Motorized Swing Mount Large can definetily get more out of your TV or display. This actually gets the most out of your livingroom and is perfect when creating a home cinema as well as kitchen tv, library tv or even swing your TV to your balcony during summer. The arm utilizes IR remote control technology and can be programmed to cooperate with many existing audio-video remote controls. If you dont want your old remote to have a dual function you can also control the M Motorized Swing Mount Large with the minimalistically designed remote we include in the delivery.

Safety first
The M Motorized Swing Mount Large also has a built in safety so little fingers are protected. A feature stop feature kicks in if something blocks its swing movement, it is then automatically going to a full stop.

Millimeter depth from wall
In an non extended position the M Motorized Swing Mount Large builds only 1370mm from the wall, making it a perfect partner for a Slim TV or Display creating an optimal look.

Overall the M Motorized Swing Mount Large is both functional and stylish. With that said when the TV is turned off, your M Motorized Swing Mount returns to its home position with just 5 centimeters of space between the wall and the TV.